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cliff CLIFF is a web-based tracking system for correspondence, phone calls, approvals, complaints, and almost anything else you can think of. The built-in tracking tools makes it ideal for managing action items providing a unified and integrated logging and tracking tool.

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tno Today's News Online is an intranet news monitoring service used by the communications branches within the BC Government. This sophisticated, mission-critical service provides up-to-the-minute desktop access to news items from newspapers, radio and television in the form of text, audio and video clips.

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Software development — AKTIV Software offers extensive experience and expertise in software development from business and feasibility analysis through design, development and implementation. We have our own server environments for development and testing to ensure that the final system is ready for implementation into production.

Web development and hosting — For those clients that require specialized hosting and support, we offer hosting on our servers.

technology skills

We offer a wide variety of skills in various technologies. Many of these skills have developed based on client needs, so if you have specific needs that you do not see listed here, ask us because we may have forgotten to list them.