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dynamic generation of print material

AKTIV Software has extensive experience creating dynamic, high-quality print material, including magazines, newspapers, bookmarks and postcards. AKTIV Software first gained experience with this in 1994, when it created material for the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

The principal tool used to create the material is AppleScript. Apple Events allow multiple applications to communicate with one another. In some cases, page layout templates are created beforehand by a designer, typically with QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign; in other cases the page layout is created on an "as required" basis by the AppleScript. The end result is a generally a PDF, which is usually either sent to a printer or made available on a web page.

For TNO, AKTIV Software designed a process that queries the database for today's published news stories and places them in a newspaper-style PDF, ready to be printed. Please watch the demonstration below to see the newspaper being generated.

For CIREBA, AKTIV Software designed a process that creates a glossy magazine showcasing real estate on the Cayman Islands. First, each participating agent chooses the properties they would like to advertise, and then they select a template from a number of pre-designed options. Every month, CIREBA generates the magazine. The process combines the agents choices with information from the database. The resulting PDF is sent to a printer and is also made available online. Please watch the demonstration below to see the magazine being generated.

For Trafford Publishing, AKTIV Software designed a process that reads book information from their database, and then places the cover image, title and ISBN onto an Adobe InDesign template for bookmarks, postcards and posters. These materials are then printed and distributed to authors to use as promotional material.